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School Uniforms for 13 Students

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In order to attend public school in Honduras you must wear a school uniform. In the rural village of El Rodeito, where we are currently working to raise the funds to build a high school, we have 13 children who need our help. Their families are unable to provide the school uniforms and school shoes needed. El Rodeito is a rural village where sustenance farming is a way of life. Sadly, an ongoing drought has devastated this community, and they need a little help to ensure their children can continue to attend school. In Honduras the school year is Feb-Nov. We need to act fast and ensure the children can continue their education! 

To read more about this campaign, or to make a donation, go here.

Amount Raised: $35 of $401 goal


School Meals for 7th Graders

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Our organization is currently raising funds to build a high school for the children in the rural village of El Rodeito.  The children were eager to attend school and rather than lose a school year they worked with the church. The 7th graders are allowed to use the church for a full day of classes. As of today, we have 35 students attending!!   Here is the problem; since this is not a school, the government is not required to help provide meals. But we can help! Together, we can raise $82 a month to provide food for the 35 kids, one day each week per month.  

To read more about this campaign, or to make a donation go here.

Amount Raised: $35 of $762 goal


Raíces, Árboles y Educacíon (Roots, Trees and Education)

Project Raíces, Árboles y Educacíon (Roots, Trees and Education) begins with an agro-forestry plan to plant fruit trees around the only water source in the community providing additional sources of fruit and vitamins for the village. The trees will also diversify the agriculture and help to prevent erosion around the small water source. 

Mayor Potencial HS Students.jpeg

An organic composting project with pesticide education will be included, as the cancer rate in the community is shockingly high and villagers are unknowingly applying pesticides that have been linked to cancer, including glyphosate.

In addition, this project will include start up funds to support a community organized high school–where 18 older students will meet once per week to continue learning. Public education ends for the majority of children in Honduras at age 13 .

To read more about this campaign, or to make a donation, go here.

Amount Raised: $275 of $1000 goal


Action for Arnol Campaign - In Remembrance of Arnol


Our dear friend Arnol Isaac Hernandez Valle traveled from rural El Rodeito, Honduras to Tarapoto, Peru to receive treatment for brain cancer on March 1st. Sadly, he passed away Sunday May 12th in Peru surrounded by his mother, neighbors and friends. He was 19 years old.

Arnol was buried in his community on May 18th. However we must continue to raise the funds that Arnol’s family owes in Peru.

To read about Arnol’s story, visit his campaign here.

Amount Raised: $4,804 of $6,449 goal


High School Construction Campaign - Building a Future for El Rodeito’s Children

Dirt road ahead.png

Currently, there is no high school for the children of El Rodeito. The nearest highschool is 2 hours away and is already over capacity. With no affordable means of transportation, the children have no other option than to work in the family farms after completing the 6th grade. Want to help us build a high school to help these children chase their dreams? Donate today! 

Our Build For Education campaign (2016) raised enough money to clear the land and prepare the site for construction. We are collecting donations for the next phase of the project (buying construction materials) through the website, via Paypal by selecting the friends option at We also accept venmo through the user name “mayorpotencial”.

Amount Raised: $9,506 of $27,130 goal


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