Mayor Potencial

Empowering Children and Communities to reach their full Potential

Mayor Potencial goes the distance to serve destitute rural Honduran communities and develop lasting partnerships for lasting impact. We inspire volunteers to disseminate social change and empower youth in Honduras through education. At the heart of our mission is the voice of those we serve.


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Everyone in El Rodeito worked together to better the community. It was great to see and that is something I want to take back to my community…Supporting one another not just because we’re friends but because we are in the same place striving for the same goal to better ourselves and to grow stronger.” – Zena Kolliesuah, ‘15

...The people we encountered were more hospitable and welcoming than most people I have met stateside. The community is receptive to feedback and excited to collaborate for improvement... - Paige Wagar, '18


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