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Funding an Overseas Construction Project

 * The intention of this article is to find donors for Mayor Potencial’s high school construction project in Honduras.

Mayor Potencial (Greatest Potential) is a United States-based non-governmental organization that is working to improve access to education in Latin America, starting with the rural community of El Rodeito, Honduras.

First, it should be known that the U.S. Department of State recognizes Honduras as an ally of the United States [1]. The two often work closely to meet transnational challenges, including the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, and illegal migration. Maintaining relations can be valuable for these reasons.


In 2013 Mayor Potencial was founded with the mission of improving educational standards in El Rodeito, where Founder, Nancy Bell, was born. She was the only one in her community able to work towards attending school in the U.S. Even greater, she successfully graduated from Cornell University in 2009!

As a staff member at Cornell, Bell leads the trips the team makes to Honduras. These trips allowed the team to spend time with the motivated and deserving students in the community. They learned that the students want an education that their current situation and the current system does not provide. The team thus planned to construct the first and only high school in El Rodeito. Studies show that in Honduras less than 50% of youth (15-24 years) attend high school, and less than 25% are able to finish [2,3]. Building a high school in this community will improve these measly statistics. Most importantly, it will help the students become the teacher, doctor, or police officer that they strive to become.

With approval from the Honduran government and active participation from local community members, the team spent over a year to design and plan the construction of the high school. The campaign to raise money for its construction is now live at

They are seeking donors who share their belief that education should be a right that is not determined by personal wealth or location. Donations with name recognition are being accepted, and range from $2,500 to $50,000. Mayor Potencial hopes that providing education will pave the way for improved health care, as well as the development of a sustainable economy in Honduras because it can serve as a place for teaching lessons about these matters. They need funding to work towards this mission and want you to know that any donation will make a BIG difference.

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