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Fellowship FAQ

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*Fellowship opportunities are open to students from any college or university.*


What are the fees for the fellowship?

The fees for the fellowship includes transportation to and within Honduras, and housing in El Rodeito. Round-trip flights to the Honduras from Ithaca range from $800-$1200. Costs in Honduras are $550 per week. This includes: transportation, housing and traditional meals.  We offer scholarships to support these fees.  

Are there scholarships available?

Cornell University has provided funding for students in the past. Please check with your college, Engage Cornell, Cornell Commitment’s Office (funding for Commitment students only), etc.

Students from other colleges or universities are encouraged to seek funding from programs at their institution. 

What are the living arrangements in El Rodeito, Honduras?

Interns stay at the Mayor Potencial home in El Rodeito. They sleep in cots and folding beds. There is running water (working showers and toilets), and electricity in the house. There is no internet in Honduras other than at the airport.

Are there trips to areas outside of El Rodeito?

Yes! We go to nearby villages within an hour drive. Some places we have been to are Soledad, Nueva Armenia, and Platanal.

What are some tasks that past interns have done for teachers? How flexible is the teaching? As an intern, do you get to implement any techniques or activities you think of?

Interns are completely in charge of the English curriculum. Math and other topics are given a curriculum by the government but the intern can use any technique to teach the material. In the past, the interns showed movies in English once a week and taught English songs. Before the internship, interns can prepare special experiments or material to teach students. Mayor Potencial offers support to interns in any teaching experiment that they would like to design.

How many students are in each class?

There are 3 classes. Pre-K has one class with 16 students. Grades 1, 3, and 5 are one class with 30 students. Grades 2, 4, and 6, are another class with 30 students.

How many interns/members from Mayor Potencial were there last year? What majors/academics paths were these interns?

Last year in summer 2015 we had 7 interns. There were 2 architecture students, 4 premedical students, and 1 Cornell alumna attending medical school in fall 2015.


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