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Educational Fellowships

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Service Trips last 1 week to 6 weeks

El Rodeito, Honduras

Who we are: Mayor Potencial is a mission-driven, 100% volunteer, non-profit organization.

We focus on three main areas;

  1. Improving access to education in rural Latin America.

  2. Helping small agribusiness owners expand to global markets.

  3. Providing affordable experiential learning opportunities to University students. This exposes them to social entrepreneurship and its impact on impoverished communities.

We currently have a long-term relationship with the community in El Rodeito, Honduras. We provide funds and resources to improve school facilities, supplement curriculum and support teachers in the classroom.

We are looking for: Students who are passionate about using education and social entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty. The ideal candidate is…

  • Culturally flexible and collaborative in his/her teaching & coaching approach.

  • Genuinely interested in engaging with the community.

  • Majoring/minoring in teaching ESL, STEM fields, early childhood education, human development, linguistics, business, and/or international development.

  • Able to use intermediate-spoken Spanish.

  • Interested in business or social entrepreneurship.

Educational Fellowships: We offer flexible 1 to 6 week fellowships. Contact us at to learn more. *Fellowship opportunities are open to students from any college or university.*

  • STEM: Work as teaching fellow at Ramon Rosa, a grade school in El Rodeito, Honduras: Math and other topics follow guided requirements by the government.

  • ENGLISH: Work as teaching fellow at Ramon Rosa, a grade school in El Rodeito, Honduras: Interns are in charge of the English curriculum.

  • HEALTH CLINIC: Work as teaching fellow, with the whole community, on preventative care in order to maintain basic hygiene—This includes tasks like brushing teeth, & first aid care.

  • SOCIAL BUSINESS: Act as a consultant & advise business owners MP has selected. MP provides feedback from previous business consultants. You will collect data, offer guidance and implement.

All fellows also:

·         Conduct field research: Mayor Potencial collects data for continuing studies on third-world rural Latin American communities. .

·         Develop new programs & lectures to expose Honduran school children to various career choices, and help community members build their small businesses.


Applications accepted on rolling basis.*


Send cover letter and resume to:


* While our applications are accepted on a rolling basis, you are responsible for knowing the deadlines for the grants and scholarships you apply for. Mayor Potencial will provide a letter of recommendation for participant's grant applications.

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